Why Choose New Construction For Your Next Home Purchase [Infographic]

When The Chad Wilson Group works with clients who are looking for a home, we often begin with a list of the clients' needs and wants so they can decide which homes to view in the St. Louis area. This helps to narrow down what their perfect home looks like so they can be confident in their home purchase. But what happens when a buyer can’t find, or can’t secure a contract on what they consider the perfect home?

In the current sellers’ market, buyers in the resale market are finding it more difficult to secure a contract, as the buyer pool exceeds the number of homes for sale in the St. Louis Metropolitan area. This means sellers are getting top dollar for their homes, but many potential sellers are hesitant because they are worried about finding a home to move into. If you are thinking about moving, and taking advantage of the market, but are concerned about finding a home to move into, you should know that resale is not your only option. Homebuilders in St. Louis, St. Charles, Warren, and Lincoln Counties are seeing more and more buyers choosing new construction for a multitude of reasons.

Mike Price, Division Sales Manager for Lombardo Homes shared, “New construction homes are selling at a faster pace than we forecasted. Many clients who weren’t originally in the market for a new construction home are finding themselves in our sales offices and displays. The lack of resale homes on the market combined with current bidding wars and losing out on multiple homes within the existing real estate market have pushed these clients to homebuilding. Once they have the opportunity to see what’s available to them, these clients love that they can secure a homesite and floor plan, skip the bidding war, and customize their home to suit their lifestyle perfectly.”

Whether you can’t find what you want on the resale market, you want the ability to choose exactly what your next home looks like, or you are just looking for that “new home” feel, new construction in the St. Louis area may be the best solution for you. Let’s take a look at a few of the reasons area buyers are choosing to build new.

Why Choose New Construction

Custom Options

When you build new, you get to choose features and layouts that fit your unique needs and desires. This means that you can have exactly what you want in your home from the beginning without needing to make costly updates or modifications.

Low-Cost Maintenance

Since new construction homes are built with the most up-to-date materials and codes, and everything in the home is new, you won’t have to worry about costly maintenance. Modern plumbing, wiring, technology, appliances and more mean you won’t have to worry about something major failing any time soon, incurring large expenses.


Energy-efficient appliances and systems, with the latest technology using modern construction, means lower utility bills.

New Home Warranty

New homes come with a warranty giving you peace of mind knowing that you won’t be stuck with major repair bills during the warranty period. Not typical without extra costs for resale.

Modern Designs For Today’s Lifestyle

Home preferences often change over time. COVID-19 changed the way we use our homes and left many homeowners with new ideas of what their ideal home looks like. Building a new home means you will find more modern floor plans with space for things like a home office or recreation room to meet more current preferences.

The Latest Technology

You can incorporate the latest technology in your new home from the beginning. Smart home options such as learning thermostats, smart controls, and the latest security systems mean you will be connected and secure in your home.

If you would like to read more about the advantages of building a home versus buying a resale home, see our other blog post, which goes into more detail about what new construction has to offer that resale does not.

Looking for New Construction in the St. Louis area?

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In Conclusion

If you are thinking about choosing new construction in the St. Louis area, let us share our expertise with you! One of our Buyer Specialists will conduct a needs/wants analysis with you to help you find the right builder, subdivision, and home design for you. Our full-service team will guide you through the process of building your new home step-by-step to deliver an exceptional customer experience. We understand that your home is not only your family’s foundation but also one of your largest investments. Our New Construction experts are powerful advocates in your corner as you negotiate upgrades, price and other terms, and we will continue to work for you throughout the construction process.

The Chad Wilson Group can help you with your new construction build in a subdivision, on your own land, or in the purchase of an existing inventory home. Contact us today to get your questions answered, or to get started!

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