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Cicadas Return to St. Louis: What Homeowners Need to Know

This spring, St. Louis is experiencing the much-anticipated return of the cicadas, a natural phenomenon that occurs every 13 to 17 years. While these insects can be a noisy and conspicuous presence, they are generally harmless to humans and pets. However, homeowners might have some concerns about their impact on lawns and landscaping.

How Long Will They Be Around?

Cicadas typically emerge in late May and early June, and their presence can last for about four to six weeks. By mid to late July, most of them will have completed their life cycle and disappeared. During this time, you may notice an increase in their distinctive buzzing sound, particularly during the warmer parts of the day.

Cicadas Return to St. Louis: What Homeowners Need to Know

Impact on Lawns and Landscaping

Cicadas do not feed on grass or most garden plants, so your lawn should remain largely unaffected by their presence. However, their egg-laying process can cause some damage to young trees and shrubs. Female cicadas cut slits into the bark of twigs and branches to lay their eggs, which can lead to a condition known as "flagging." This results in browning and dying off of small branches, especially in younger or newly planted trees. To protect your trees, particularly if you have recently planted saplings or young ornamental trees, consider the following tips:

  • Cover vulnerable plants: Use fine netting or cheesecloth to cover young trees and shrubs. Ensure the netting is securely fastened to prevent cicadas from getting underneath.
  • Delay planting: If possible, avoid planting new trees and shrubs until the cicada activity has subsided.
  • Prune damaged branches: If you notice any flagged branches, prune them to prevent potential damage to the entire tree.

Benefits of Cicadas

While cicadas can be a temporary nuisance, they also provide some ecological benefits. Their emergence aerates the soil, and their decaying bodies contribute nutrients that enrich the soil. Additionally, they serve as a food source for various wildlife, including birds and small mammals.

Final Thoughts

For St. Louis homeowners, the cicadas' return is more an inconvenience than a threat. By taking a few preventive measures, you can protect your landscaping investments while coexisting with these fascinating insects. Remember, their presence is fleeting, and soon enough, your yard will return to its peaceful state. Enjoy the spectacle of nature, and look forward to quieter days ahead.

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St. Louis Metro Area Residential Market Trends

Here is a quick look at the local St. Louis metro area housing market, residential resale only for St. Charles County. All data was gathered from the local St. Louis MLS for the month of April 2024.

April 2024 St. Charles County Market Trends

==> For details of St. Louis, Warren and Lincoln Counties, check out our Market Conditions blog here!

People always ask us: When is the best time to buy or sell a home?  The answer is: Whenever the time is right for you, your family, and your unique situation. The market is always changing, and it can be nearly impossible to time it perfectly. Right now, we are sitting in a strong seller market. So this may be a great time to cash in on your equity. Schedule a meeting with one of our real estate specialists to gain a comprehensive understanding of your options. This will help you determine the optimal time for buying or selling a home based on your unique situation.

Home values continue their upward trend. Check out this 15-year graph illustrating the median estimated value in St. Charles County.

April 2024 St. Charles County Median Value Single Family Residential

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