Mortgage Loan Application Checklist [Infographic]

Applying for a mortgage loan can be overwhelming, especially for first-time homebuyers. That doesn't mean preparing for the application process has to be such a difficult task. If you can start with all the necessary documentation, you are likely to avoid some of the headaches that may come along with the mortgage loan application process. If you want your approval process to be as smooth and swift as possible, here are some of the documents you should have handy when you decide to apply for a mortgage loan. 

Mortgage Loan Document Checklist

Looking for a printable version of this checklist? Download it here

You must keep in mind that while this checklist covers most of the items you will need, there may be other items needed to process your loan that will be determined by your unique situation. It is essential that you obtain loan pre-approval to have a solid idea of what your purchasing power is, before you begin searching for, and touring homes. 

We recommend that you work with a local lender that has a proven track record, great communication, and consistently closes on time.  Also, a good lender will offer a variety of loan packages, competitive interest rates/closing costs, in-house underwriting, and will assist you in finding the mortgage payment plan that fits your budget.

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