10 Reasons Why You’ll Love Moving to the St. Louis Area [Infographic]

Take it from a lifelong area native, St. Louis is a GREAT place to live. It’s easy to take for granted some of the amazing parks, entertainment, housing, and travel opportunities we have here. I have lived in different parts of both St. Louis County and St. Charles County (both a part of the Greater St. Louis Metropolitan Area) and have enjoyed them all.

If you aren’t familiar with the St. Louis area, there are few things you should understand. First, St. Louis is both a city and a county (confusing right?). St. Louis City is its own place, separate from St. Louis County. The Greater St. Louis area is a bi-state metropolitan area that encompasses multiple counties in both Missouri and Illinois. This includes many of the neighboring areas, such as St. Charles County, Lincoln County, Warren County, Jefferson County, and several counties in Illinois, which each have their own local governments and amenities. So, when we share with you the amazing things about living here, we are not just referring to the City of St. Louis, but the whole Greater St. Louis Area. 

So, lets dig in!

Ten Reasons to Move to St. Louis

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