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Jan. 23, 2019

How to Prepare for a Successful Move

Moving into a new home is a thrilling experience, but it's also one that's wrought with challenges. Not only do you need to find the time to sort through and pack all your belongings, but you also need to make sure that you're not forgetting any important details like changing your mailing address, or setting up utilities for your new property.

Once you've purchased the perfect home with your trusted real-estate agent, it's tempting to jump straight into the moving process as quickly as possible. However, before you get started, make sure that you follow these top tips for a successful move.


1. Speak to your REALTOR®

Your real-estate agent is there to help with every part of the home buying process - not just the paperwork and open houses. Before you start getting carried away with packing, and cleaning your current home for a sale, ask your REALTOR® how long they predict it will take for you to get the keys to your new home, and start the move-in process for real.

With advice from your REALTOR®, you'll be able to create a more realistic schedule for when you need to start packing and switching on your water in your new home. You'll be far less likely to end up rushing around last-minute.

2. Hire Professional Movers

There are a lot of things that you need to deal with when you're moving home. You need to ensure that your gas and electricity are switched on by the time you've moved in and that your buyers are ready to take over paying for your old home before you can start settling in and decorating your new property. The easiest way to give yourself some extra time and minimize the stress on your shoulders when you’re moving is to work with a professional moving company. Be sure to choose one that’s got insurance though, otherwise if anything gets broken you might be left reeling.

Some moving companies will even handle packing on your behalf, which means that you can focus on the other, more complex parts of the real-estate transition. If you’re looking for a moving company that’s licensed and insured, try our friends at Bellhops.

3. Sort Through Your Belongings

Whether you're moving to a larger house to accommodate a rapidly growing family, or you're downsizing after a child has left home, there's a good chance that you won't want to take everything from your old property with you to your new home. With that in mind, it's a good idea to start sorting through your belongings as early as possible.

Figure out what you really want to keep when you go to your new home, and what you can either throw away or donate. If there are belongings in your possession that you want to keep, but you can't fit into your new home straight away, see about having them stored in a local facility. Keep Stress to a Minimum

4. Keep Stress to a Minimum

Though it's impossible to eliminate all the stress from a move, that doesn't mean that you have to spend every moment feeling overwhelmed. Ask for help when you need it, even if it just means having someone take over the packing for an hour or two so you can check out your new neighborhood with the kids.

Look for ways to make your moving experience as stress-free as possible. For instance, can you take some extra days off work to pack and unpack? Could you pre-cook some meals for busy days, so you don't have to spend too much time in the kitchen? Even getting a babysitter for a day or two can take some of the weight off your shoulders.


Nov. 15, 2018

4 Reasons Your Listed Home Should Not be Decorated for the Holidays

Selling your home in November or December can actually be a very good thing.  Decreased competition due to fewer homes on the market combined with buyers who are very serious about purchasing…because you get fewer lookie-loos during the winter…can make for a successful home sale.  December is usually one of the most productive months of the year for The Chad Wilson Group.

Home sellers often ask if it is okay to decorate for the holidays while their home is on the market.  Here are 4 reasons why it is a bad idea:

1.      Holiday decorations make photos look dated.  

While photos of a home with holiday lights or fall decorations might not look out of place in November or December, those same photos look less appealing in January.  Any holiday decorations in photos after the holiday has passed can make it seem like a home has been on the market for a long time, even if it has just been a few weeks.  It is best to decorate a home in a very timeless fashion so it looks fresh and attractive regardless of the date, at least until the professional photos have been taken.  After the photos are finished, putting up a tree or adding a holiday centerpiece to the dining room table is just fine. (Photos courtesy of Pearl Wilson of That Girl Pearl Photography)

Homes for Sale Lake St Louis

If this home for sale in Lake St Louis was still on the market in April, these snowmen, no matter how much you love them, would make this bathroom look dated and out of place.  

     The poinsettia and snowmen cookie jars scream winter in this Lake St Louis home for sale.


   2.  Holiday decorations can block walkways and diminish features in a room.

If you have a beautiful wood block mantle, but it is draped in garland and lights, it may not have the same impact on a buyer.  A big Christmas tree in front of a bay window looks pretty, but the view out the window is harder to appreciate.  A room filled with decorations can make it difficult for buyers to navigate.  Keep decorations small and minimal so that the lovely built-in features of your home can be appreciated.  This includes your porch and front door, which you want to feel open and welcoming.


This lovely Christmas tree may make the room feel cozy, but it also blocks almost all of the light coming in from the only window in this room. If you have a St Charles County home for sale, you need all of the natural light you can get, especially after Daylight Saving Time comes to an end.


3.       Decorations can make a room feel smaller.

When we stage a room for photos and showings, we minimize clutter as much as possible to make a room feel spacious and open.  Big holiday decorations that block the eye or distract the buyer can make a room feel small and cramped, even if it isn’t.  Consider using a smaller Christmas tree that only takes up a corner of the room rather than one that consumes almost half.  Minimize the smaller items, like tabletop decorations, pillows, stair railing garland, window clings and the like.  Make sure as much light as possible can still enter a room, especially in the winter months when many showings happen after the sun has set.  

While this living room is open, it isn't incredibly spacious.  The Christmas tree cuts off almost half of the room, making it feel even smaller.


    There is just too much going on in this big, open family room.  All of the seasonal pillows and decorations distract the viewer from appreciating the space.


    4.  Yard ornaments and lights can make it hard to keep a tidy lawn.

The curb appeal of your home is where buyers make their important first impression.  As much as possible, you will want to maintain the grass cutting, leaf raking and landscape trimming.  If you have lights strung on your trees and bushes, it can be very difficult to keep those beds tidy.  Big inflatables or other outdoor decorations can be difficult to move so that lawns can be mowed and maintained.   Lots of extension cords make a home feel cluttered and messy.  Make landscaping as easy as possible while your home is on the market and avoid items that slow down or impede your work.

Enjoy the holidays even while your home is on the market, but do it with the buyer’s perspective in mind.  Next year, when your home has sold and you are moved into your new place, you can bring out every cherished decoration and celebrate the holidays as much as you like!

Oct. 31, 2018

Here's the Proof! Professional Photography Sold This Home!

In our last blog, we introduced our two professional photographers and discussed why we always use professional photos in our listings.

Now we want to show you a real life example when using professional photography resulted in an outstanding outcome for one of our recent home sellers.  Don't miss the end where we unveil the difference it made, including more money, for the seller.

The Chad Wilson Group received a call from a home owner who was interested in selling her home.  She had listed it with an agent, but felt like her home sale was not being handled appropriately.  Her home was a 4 bedroom, 2 bathroom brick ranch on a nice lot in a subdivision in suburban St Louis in a price range that should have been appealing to a wide range of buyers, yet she had very few showings while it was on the market.  She was frustrated and confused.

The home owner had seen Chad's sign in a yard up the street for a home that recently went under contract, so she decided to give him a call to see if he had ideas and suggestions for selling her home. 

After meeting with the seller and viewing the previous agent's listing, it was obvious to Chad that our team would handle the sale differently.  One of those changes was the photography.  The previous listing only had 6 photos, and they were not taken by a professional.  Here are those six photos:

Home for Sale Wentzville

This is the front photo of the home in the original listing.  Notice the car still in the driveway, which is something a professional photographer would avoid.


Entry Foyer

This was photo number 2 in the listing, the entry foyer.  It seems dark and small and certainly not inviting.


Photo number 3 was of the fireplace.  While this is a nice feature in the home, this close-up photo gives no perspective on the rest of the room.


Living Room

Photo number 4, the living room.  The fireplace is to the left in the photo, but the photo is so dark, you can hardly tell.  No lighting was used to brighten the room and the window blinds were left closed.  This room actually spans the entire front of the home and has lots of big windows and hard wood floors, but this photo doesn't showcase that at all.



Photo 5 is of the kitchen.  First, vertical photos do not display as well online as horizontal ones and should only be used when there is no other option.  A professional photographer would have cleared the counters, the top and front of the fridge and then staged to present a neat appearance.  The kitchen seems small, dark and cramped.


Family Room

Photo 6, the last photo in the listing, is the family room.  This is another big room that loses its appeal with bad angles, clutter and no light.

You will notice no photos of the bedrooms, bathrooms or the back of the home are included.  Given that most buyers make up their minds about whether to view a home or not after looking at photos online, it is no wonder that in the weeks this home had been listed, it had not attracted many buyers.

The Chad Wilson Group hired Pearl Wilson, professional photographer with That Girl Pearl Photography, to photograph this home, and 23 of her photos were included in the new listing.  Here are just 11 of those 23.  Notice a difference?

Home For Sale St Charles

(Home for Sale Lake St Louis - Pearl Wilson, photographer)

Here is the professional photo of the front of the home.  While some might want to make the grass green or add other enhancements, we choose to take a seasonally-appropriate and realistic photo of the exterior, just keeping it as neat and clean as possible.


Homes for Sale Wentzville

(Home for Sale Lake St Louis - Pearl Wilson, photographer)

Here is the professional entry foyer photo.  Using a light kit to illuminate the area and taking the photo horizontally with a wide angle lens gave the space a more open and inviting feel. 


Homes for Sale Wentzville

(Home for Sale Lake St Louis - Pearl Wilson, photographer)

Here is the professional photo of the fireplace, taken horizontally and showing the surrounding hardwood floors and big windows.  It is light, bright and visually more appealing.


Homes for Sale Wentzville

(Home for Sale Lake St Louis - Pearl Wilson, photographer)

Here is the professional photo of the living room space.  With all room lights turned on, window blinds opened and using professional lighting, the room looks so much different.  The photographer used perspective and appropriate angles to get the entire room in the photo to show how spacious it is, rather than cutting off the room with a close-up.


Homes for Sale Wentzville

(Home for Sale Lake St Louis - Pearl Wilson, photographer)

Homes for Sale Wentzville

(Home for Sale Lake St Louis - Pearl Wilson, photographer)

These are the professional photos of the kitchen.  We stage every room to make it look clean and sleek.  We remove almost everything from kitchen and bathroom counters and clear the refrigerator door and sides.  Adding lighting and a better angle makes a huge difference in the photos.  The original photo cut off almost half of the cabinets and you couldn't even tell there was room for a table.


Homes for Sale Wentzville

(Home for Sale Lake St Louis - Pearl Wilson, photographer)

The family room photo.  Without adding any props or accessories, just the very few original items the owner had in the room, it still looks far more inviting using the room's lights and professional lighting.


Homes for Sale Wentzville

(Home for Sale Lake St Louis - Pearl Wilson, photographer)

This home has a big and level back yard, which the photographer enhanced by shooting as close to the back property line as possible.  And there is never a gloomy day when using a professional photographer, as they can replace an overcast or menacing sky with one that is bright and sunny!

Homes for Sale Wentzville

(Home for Sale Lake St Louis - Pearl Wilson, photographer)

This is the lovely master bedroom with an attached private bathroom.  Buyers would want to see this to understand the space in the bedrooms.

Homes for Sale Wentzville

(Home for Sale Lake St Louis - Pearl Wilson, photographer)

This is a photo of one of the secondary bedrooms.  The generously sized bedrooms with hardwood floors are a great selling feature of this home.

Homes for Sale Wentzville

(Home for Sale Lake St Louis - Pearl Wilson, photographer)

This is a photo of the updated bathroom. With this lovely tile work and great shower, it is a positive aspect of the home that will attract buyers.  

So here's what's really important...the result.  This home was listed with the previous agent for $118,000.  After researching comparable homes and the current market, Chad felt a more appropriate list price was $125,000...$7,000 more than the original list price! 

Our team listed this home on a Thursday and scheduled an open house on Sunday.  On Friday, the first day of showings, the home was basically a revolving door of buyers seeing the home, and one of them wrote a contract to purchase!  After negotiation, an offer was accepted for the full asking price of $125,000...after only 3 days on the market! 

The moral of the pays to spend money for professional photography for every home we sell.  No matter the price point of the home, we provide this service as part of the package we offer to our home sellers at no additional cost. 

If you have a home for sale in Wentzville, O'Fallon, Lake St Louis, St Peters or any other community in St Charles County or St Louis County, don't settle for less than the best services available.  The online presence of your home is too important to take chances.  Only use a Realtor who provides professional photography as part of the sale.    

Oct. 10, 2018

Professional Photography: Worth the Cost?

According to research performed by the NAR (National Association of Realtors®), of all people looking to buy a home in 2018, Millennials make up the largest group at 36%.  For Millennials, born 1981-1996, using the internet to shop for anything they are looking to purchase is natural.  They buy clothes, shop for groceries and household items, and research and purchase electronics and computers from online companies rather than shopping in a store.

For big ticket items, like cars, they spend a great deal of time online looking at features and options, comparing prices, and reading reviews before stepping foot on a dealer’s lot.  So why should buying a home be any different for them?  It’s not.

For Realtors® and home sellers, including homes for sale in Wentzville, Lake St. Louis, O’Fallon, and other municipalities in St Charles County, gone are the days of installing a sign in the yard and expecting to find a buyer.  Extensive and wide-spread online promotion is vital to capturing the attention of today’s buyers.  And many buyers won’t spend a great deal of time combing through listings and pictures.  Experts have coined the term the “Tinder Effect” to describe the habit of Millennials of rejecting something after a quick first impression and little information. O'Fallon Home for Sale photo by Whitney McAlister

(O'Fallon Home for Sale by The Chad Wilson Group: Photo by Whitney McAlister)

One of the most important things home sellers and Realtors® can do is to make sure the home’s online presence is stellar. Using a professional photographer is key to that first impression.  That is why The Chad Wilson Group uses only professional photography for all of its listings as part of our full-service listing, at no additional cost to the seller.Lake St Louis Home for Sale photo by Pearl Wilson

(Lake St Louis Home for Sale by The Chad Wilson Group:  Photo by Pearl Wilson)

Our team works with two photographers almost exclusively to photograph all of our listings; we consider them part of our team.   Our exclusive relationship with our photographers is important because they are so familiar with our expectations for quality.  Here is a little more about them.Pearl Wilson of That Girl Pearl Photography

(Pearl Wilson of That Girl Pearl Photography)

Pearl Wilson of That Girl Pearl Photography has been professionally photographing for 7 years. She earned a Bachelor’s Degree in Studio Art with an emphasis in Graphic Design and Photography from UMKC.  After working in advertising for some time, she branched out on her own, and has a very busy photography business shooting not only homes for The Chad Wilson Group, but also weddings, families and children, among other things.  Pearl also designs all of the professional flyers and promotional materials The Chad Wilson Group uses to sell homes. Lake St Louis Home for Sale photo by Pearl Wilson

(Lake St Louis Home for Sale by The Chad Wilson Group:  Photo by Pearl Wilson)

With her background in design, she has an eye for presentation.  “I enjoy helping home owners understand how a room will look best in a photo, to enhance the feel and size of the room,” said Pearl.  “When I photograph a home, it is far more than just taking the pictures.  I tour the home with the sellers to hear their thoughts on what they love about their home.  Then I try to use the best angles, professional lighting and furniture placement to optimize those features.”  Pearl has photographed hundreds of homes over the past 7 years, and her experience is a great asset to home sellers.  In addition to working for The Chad Wilson Group, Pearl is the photographer for Lombardo Homes in St Louis and photographs all of the homes they build.Wentzville Home for Sale photo by Pearl Wilson

(Wentzville Home for Sale by The Chad Wilson Group:  Photo by Pearl Wilson)

When Pearl became too busy to handle all of the work The Chad Wilson Group had for her, the team sought another talented photographer to expand.  Three years ago, Whitney McAlister of Whitney McAlister Photography hired The Chad Wilson Group to help her family sell their home and build a new construction home.  The timing couldn’t have been better, as Whitney’s home photos made it clear she was a passionate and talented artist. 

Whitney McAlister

(Whitney McAlister...and family...of Whitney McAlister Photography)

Whitney had been a Registered Nurse for 10 years and was dedicated to helping people.  She was able to expand her side gig to a full-time business and photographs homes as well as families, children and newborns, among other things.  Whitney and Pearl use the same professional camera and lighting equipment and are friends who love to mentor each other to grow and improve their technique. Wentzville Home for Sale photo by Whitney McAlister

(Wentzville Home for Sale by The Chad Wilson Group:  Photo by Whitney McAlister)

“One of my favorite parts about nursing was getting to meet patients and hear their stories,” said Whitney.  “Photography is another way to do that.  I enjoy meeting home sellers and hearing about the life they had in their homes and then using my skills to bring that out in the photos.  When I see that a home I photographed generates lots of interest and results in a successful sale, I celebrate right along with the home owners.” Wentzville Home for Sale photo by Whitney McAlister

(Wentzville Home for Sale by The Chad Wilson Group:  Photo by Whitney McAlister)

Both Whitney and Pearl are so skilled at their craft that they can make every home look amazing online. Even on cloudy and gloomy days, they can use their lighting and graphic skills to make rooms seem bright and cheery and even replace an overcast sky with one that is clear and blue.   One recent client who had a Lake St Louis home for sale echoed what is often expressed after viewing the finished product when she said, “Wow!  Is this really my home?  It looks so good, I think I want to buy it!” O'Fallon Home for Sale photo by Whitney McAlister

(O'Fallon Home for Sale by The Chad Wilson Group:  Photo by Whitney McAlister)

In the next blog post, we will share some before and after photos of a recent home sold by The Chad Wilson Group where Pearl’s professional photography made a remarkable difference, and the outcome was shocking!  Stay tuned!

April 20, 2018

Missing Homes as of April 2018


Our buyers are saying, "Where are all the homes?" We have buyers ready to buy, and they aren't finding what they want on the MLS right now. And they've seen it all!

If you have contemplated moving, and your home fits one of these buyers' needs, please give us a call at 636-229-SOLD or email us at to see if we can make a match!

Missing Homes Report

  • Looking in Troy School District for a home and 3+ acres ~ < $175

  • Looking in Fort-Zumwalt South High School Area Ranch, Finished LL and pool ~ $300-$450

  • Looking in Wentzville South Middle / Timberland 3 bedrooms ~ $220 -$250

  • Looking for a single story house in the Dardenne Prairie / Lake St Louis area (63367 & 63368). Ranch or villa. 2+ bedroom. Prefer a finished or walk out basement. Prefer a 3 car garage. They would consider a property that is slightly outside of DP / LSL if it fit all their needs ~ < $300

  • Looking for a house or townhouse, prefer the Fort Zumwalt school district, but would consider Francis Howell or Wentzville. 2+ bedroom, 2+ baths. 1+ car garage. Prefer a basement. ~ < $170.

  • Looking in Fort Zumwalt school district. LOVES 1.5 stories, but will consider 2 stories or other styles. 4+ Bedrooms.  ~ <$350.

  • Looking in Wentzville, Troy, Wright City, or Foristell for a updated or newer 3+ bed home with walk-out basement on 1+ acres, or on a private/tree lined lot. Prefer ranch ~ < $300.

  • Looking in O'Fallon or Dardenne Prairie or Lake St. Louis (possibly Wentzville IF it has an inground pool too) for 4+ bed, updated or newer home with walk-out, finished basement, prefer larger kitchen and nicer finishes, and in-ground pool with private backyard or at least tree-lined backyard. Prefer ranch but may consider 1.5 story ~ < $625

  • Looking for a 2-Family duplex in or near Tower Grove area, prefer updated and move-in ready ~ < $300

  • Looking in Francis Howell high school attendance area, Ranch, 3+ beds (prefer 4), walk-out basement, on 1+ acres, private backyard, (prefer more acreage), prefer to be within 5 or so miles or less of Francis Howell high. ~ < $625
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April 17, 2018

Chad Wilson on the TV Show "The American Dream" Tours New Construction Display Home - April 2018

On this episode of "The American Dream," Chad had the opportunity to tour Lombardo Homes' breathtaking custom display home in their new Westleigh subdivision, located close to Hwy DD and Diehr Road at the edge of O'Fallon and Wentzville. Westleigh provides grand estate homesites, some that are over 1 acre.  

Kari Green, Westleigh's Custom Home Consultant, described the subdivision as having "wooded homesites, rolling hills, amazing topography" with a "city-close and country-quiet feel."  Plans range from 2,500 square feet to over 5,200 square feet, and homes range in price from $500,000 to just over $1,000,000.  Westleigh homes are located within the Wentzville School District. 

Kari detailed how Westleigh homes are customized for each client's personalized needs and wants during Lombardo Homes' trademarked Discovery Event.  Kari went on to say that the Discovery Event is "how we get to know our clients intimately, how we get to know them as people, and how they want to live in their homes that are different from their homes of yesteryear."  This process allows Lombardo Custom Home Consultants to help guide their clients to make smart customizations for how they want to live.  

Interested in learning more? Reach out to us at 636-229-SOLD for help in building new construction in Westleigh or any other area.

April 13, 2018

A Young Couple Selling Multiple Homes

Jason and Lauren may be young, but they have lots of real estate experience between them.  Lauren bought a condo as a single woman, seeing it as a better investment in her future than renting.  Jason owned a home on his own as well.  Then they met, fell in love and realized that their future was together, so owning two homes was one too many.  Enter The Chad Wilson Group...

Lauren knew about The Chad Wilson Group because Lisa Peirick, one of the team's agents, had helped her parents buy a home.  Lisa was excited to work with Lauren to sell her condo.  Then, after living together in Jason's home for a while, Jason and Lauren decided they wanted something bigger, so again, they called Lisa.  

This time, Lisa helped Jason and Lauren work with a local builder to buy a new construction home.  Since she was going to be so busy with that process, she tapped her colleague, Julie Scarpace, to manage the listing of Jason's home.  The beauty of working with a team is there is always someone you know and trust to help, when needed.

In this video, Jason and Lauren talk about the ups and downs they faced when selling their two homes and why they chose a Realtor's help when building a new home.  

There is nothing more gratifying than earning the privilege of working with a client again.  When we hear we have satisfied a client to the level that they wouldn't consider talking with another Realtor, we know we are doing things right.  The Chad Wilson Group is ready to help more home buyers and sellers make their move, and offer them the same blue ribbon service we offered to Jason and Lauren.  

Thank you, Jason and Lauren, for putting your trust in our team.  We wish you a lifetime and good health and much happiness in your new home!

If you or someone you know is considering buying or selling a home, we want to earn your business.  Contact us at 636-229-SOLD or  We can't wait to put our team to work for you!


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April 6, 2018

Open House Extravaganza Weekend!

Sunday, April 8, will be a busy day for the agents with The Chad Wilson Group.  Nine open houses are scheduled throughout the afternoon to showcase some fabulous homes we have listed for sale.  Potential buyers will find homes of many shapes and sizes...from ranches to 2-stories, from Wright City to St Charles...and at a variety of price points.  These homes are move-in ready and have excellent features to fit your needs.  

Pack your cars, pack a lunch, bring your family and friends and plan a fun afternoon touring some great homes.  Maybe you will find your dream home!  Can't wait to see you there! 

Click on the photo below to see more photos and information about each home.

Questions?  Contact our team at 636-229-SOLD or  We look forward to talking with you!

2709 Preston Woods Trail, Lake St Louis, MO 63367

 2709 Preston Woods Trail, Lake St Louis, MO 63367 - $400,000

11975 Claremont Ln, Wright City, MO 63390 11975 Claremont Lane, Wright City, MO 63390 - $350,000

 706 Forest Acres Dr, O'Fallon, MO 63366

706 Forest Acres Drive, O'Fallon, MO 63366 - $375,000

3107 Bear View Ct, Wentzville, MO 63385

 3107 Bear View Ct, Wentzville, MO 63385 - $410,000

54 Lansdowne Ct, St Charles, MO 63303

54 Lansdowne Ct, St Charles, MO 63366 - $340,000 - UNDER CONTRACT!  OPEN HOUSE CANCELLED!

40 Quail Hollow Ct, O'Fallon, MO 63368

40 Quail Hollow Ct, O'Fallon, MO 63368 - $365,000

503 Bayview Pointe Ct, Lake St Louis, MO 63367

503 Bayview Pointe Ct, Lake St Louis, MO 63367 - $392,500

3 Glenmill Ct, O'Fallon, MO 63366

3 Glenmill Ct, O'Fallon, MO 63366 - $255,000

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April 5, 2018

Chad Wilson on the TV Show "The American Dream" Discusses How to Hire a Real Estate Agent - March 2018

Hiring the right real estate agent is a key component to laying the foundation for a smooth real estate transaction. A quick Google search of real estate agents in your area will give you many different choices.  The question is, how can you find the right real estate agent to meet YOUR needs. 

That agent doesn't necessarily work at the largest brokerage or close the most transactions, empirical data that is easy to verify.  It takes a little more investigation to find an agent that is an experienced professional who will listen to you, understand and address your concerns, and know your local market.

At the Chad Wilson Group, we like to say, "Anyone can list a home…a good realtor will price and market a home to SELL IT."

On a recent episode of The American Dream, co-anchor Jenn Morris asked Chad to discuss the process for how sellers should go about finding the right real estate agent to list their home for sale.

Chad laid out the following criteria and steps to vet real estate agents. 

1. Referrals – Talk to past clients. Successful agents will make customer satisfaction their number one priority.

2. Online Reviews – Again, find the agents where plenty of past clients are raving about their customer service.  Check out Zillow and their Facebook page for past client reviews.

3. Find an Area Expert –Look up the homes that they have sold in the past year and determine how many were in your area.

4. Interview Several Agents - Ask about their experience, qualifications, work history, and track record. Look for a realtor who has the experience to handle your transaction and one with whom you feel comfortable working.

5. Professional Photography - Make sure the agent hires a professional photographer to take pictures of their listings.  Review their prior listings to ensure the photographs look exceptional.

6. Do they know how to price a home?  Look at their List-to-Sales-Price Ratio to determine how close to original list price their homes typically sell.

Jenn Morris dug a little deeper, asking Chad for an example of what he meant by “anyone can list a home, but a good realtor will price and market a home to SELL it."

Chad shared a story of one of the team's recent successes in selling a home.  The Chad Wilson Group was contacted by a home owner in North St Louis County. Their home had been listed with an agent for just over 100 days with very few showings and no offers, which led to them to cancel their agreement to work with that agent.  Because the owners were dealing with some personal issues in their lives, they had not paid close attention to the marketing that was being done on their home.

When they finally checked out their listing online, they were disappointed to find that there were only 6 pictures of their home, not professionally taken. Our team had just sold their neighbor's home up the street, so they called us for an interview and we secured the listing.

The data indicated the appropriate listing price for their home should be $7,000 HIGHER than it previously was listed. We found that the square footage of the home wasn’t listed on the MLS, therefore excluding them from a lot of searches.  Our team took professional photographs and implemented our comprehensive marketing strategy…and we received a contract in 3 days.

The takeaway lesson is this… An experienced REALTOR® will help you prepare your home for sale and market it in such a way to influence buyers’ perception of the home’s value, with the end goal of increasing the price the buyers are willing to pay for the home.

Lastly, Jenn asked Chad what criteria should NOT be weighed heavily when hiring a listing agent.

Chad indicated that sellers shouldn't make the mistake of selecting an agent just because they suggested the highest list price for your home, or who works for the lowest commission.

Just because you list the home at the price recommended by the agent you are hiring, "doesn't mean you will sell it at that price, and there is a very big danger in overpricing a house, just as there is in under-pricing a house, when you could potentially leave money on the table."  Ensure that the real estate agent you are interviewing can "defend the proposed value of the home.  During contract negotiations, if you receive a low offer and the listing agent cannot defend the list price of the home, that agent will not be a very effective negotiator."  

Also, think twice about hiring an agent just because they will discount the listing commission. One of the things to understand is that discount agents are just as likely to reduce the value of your home to someone who’s potentially going to buy it.  In other words, if they’ll give their own commission away so easily, why wouldn’t they give away yours?  You should hire an agent who is a professional negotiator, one who is willing to act on your behalf because they know how to negotiate well and get you the most money for your home. Also, a discounted listing means fewer resources to market your home and service your needs. 

The Chad Wilson Group's team of Listing Specialists excels at pricing homes properly from the start to maximize the seller proceeds and minimize the days on market, and our team of marketing experts makes sure YOUR home is noticed.  Give us a call today at 636-229-SOLD, and we’ll set up a time for one of our Listing Specialists to conduct a pricing and marketing analysis of your home.

Feb. 28, 2018

Straight Talk for First-Time Home Buyers

Dean and Emily bought their first home in 2017.  They trusted The Chad Wilson Group to help them find a home and work through the processes to purchase it.  In this video, they talk about the timing of their decision to purchase and why they wish they had done it sooner.  

According to the National Association of Realtors, in 2017, adults aged 36 and younger made up the largest group of home buyers, at 34%.  Sixty-six percent of those were first-time home buyers and 92% of these younger buyers hired a Realtor so they wouldn't have to make these big decisions alone.

One of the biggest hurdles first-time home buyers have to overcome is financing their purchase.  While it is true that some savings must happen in order to close on a home, young buyers often have a misconception of just how much is needed for a down payment. 

One of the most popular financing programs for first-time home buyers is an FHA loan, which has less restrictive qualification requirements and often only requires 3.5% down.  That can mean just a few thousand dollars for many home purchases.  And, best of all, the monthly mortgage payment is often significantly lower than the rent payments these buyers were making.

If you are thinking about buying your first home in 2018, contact The Chad Wilson Group so our experienced agents can help you find the best home for your lifestyle.  Our trusted lender partners will provide sound financial advice so you make a wise investment.  We are excited to help make your home ownership dreams come true, just like we did with Dean and Emily!

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